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Doctors in Northern Califonia?

Posted by Mary M on 2/12/01 at 20:13 (038765)

I actually have two questions: I read with interest that this surgery is also done for tennis elbow and shoulder pain. In the last year I've been in physical therapy for tennis elbow and shoulder pain, then it came back and I went to a chiropractor; and in the meantime, now I have heel spurs. I've had them for 8 months and the doctor tells me to use ice, orthotics, good shoes and stretching. I'm doing all this but I suspect that I have some other deficiency that is somehow causing me this and the other issues. Oh, to top it off, the heel spurs have caused me to walk funny and given me lower back pain and ankle pain.

My question is: Is there a doctor in Northern California, San Francisco Area who would be more knowledgeable about these injuries and could do this surgery for me?