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Update needed

Posted by Pauline on 2/23/01 at 16:56 (039745)

Do you have any updated information on Dornier ESWT. I visited my Ortho
today and he has been working with Dornier during their studies for FDA
approval. He expects approval to be around May. According to him Dornier
offers a scanning monitor to show exact sites where ESWT is being delivered. Because of this Dornier will be able to be used through out the foot, not just at the insertion location. He feels Dornier is providing a machine that will be more specific in its delivery system and thus be able to provide relief in tissue throughout the arch area.

Dornier was testing at Emory and through Henry Ford Center for Athletic
Medicine, a site in Canada and two in Germany. My Ortho has spent a lot of time in Germany working with Dornier. He has been in contact with Dr. Alvarez who tested OssaTron and is using it comparing the machines. Type of delivery, patient prep, accuracy, wave length etc. From talking to him I think Dornier is going after the Major Medical Centers and that insurance will be covering treatment.