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Posted by carol on 2/26/01 at 09:53 (039901)

Thank you to those who sent good wishes to me - it certainly helps to know there are other people who have been through this awful thing and understand. The op was a doddle but I have had terrible nerve pain under my foot from toe to heel ever since. I have been in a cast for two weeks with complete bedrest and the foot of the bed raised quite a lot. Today went to have the cast changed and for the surgeion to look at the wound. The wound is good but so looooong! 40 stitches. He said the nerve was badly compressed and he had to do a lot of work clearing it out but is very hopeful of a full recovery in time - time being quite a few months and lots of PT. I am now in a fibreglass cast for four weeks but can put my foot down as from tomorrow. On top of all this I have developed a terrible rash all over my body and as you can imagine down the cast it is quite something!!! Apparently from the pain killers.By the way I had a spinal block and not a full anaesthetic and it was great. Could have read a book during it as got very bored! Has anyone any tips for dealing with this terrible under the foot pain again - I suppose its just time. Hope Mike and Mor are getting on OK. I have worked out that if one puts a kids plastic chair in the bath and fills the water to just below the seat of the chair (when one is in the bath) it works great by resting the cast leg on the chair! Really was taking strain not being able to have a decent soak in the bath. All the best to all.