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tarsal tunnel syndrome

Posted by James S. on 3/10/01 at 10:25 (040942)

Doctor,I have been diagnosed with Tarsal Tunnel Syndrome in both feet.I did have surgery 5 years ago on the right foot to help alleviate the discomfort.The surgery produced very little help,if any? I drive a school bus for a living and am in and out of bus from 6:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m.,5 days a week. The foot pedals and floor switch's I have to use while operating my bus cause's sore,aching fet at the end of the day. Do you beleive my occupation is a contributing factor to my foot condition? Doctor is there any detailed literature you may have on Tarsal Tunnel Syndrome,that you could pass onto me. I would truly like to research my foot condition in detail,for the fact that if the syndrome gets more severe,it may effect my career. By the way I am a 53 year old man and have been driving bus for 20 years.Thank you so very,very much. Jim S.