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Swollen ankles (have a heart condition)

Posted by adam p on 3/23/01 at 11:00 (042278)

I am 42 year old male and I have Aortic Regurgitation (mild to moderate). Recently, I started feeling tender spots on my left and right legs. These spots seemed bumpy to touch and now they are slowly turning black. An echo was done to rule out infection in the heart and venus scan was also done which showed only sperficial blood clotting. I have been given Halprin for thinning the blood and celebrex for the inflammation. I have been on this medication for three days now.

The swelling and the pain spots are almost completely on the left leg. The swelling does not seem to go down even if I have the leg perched up. What else can I do to treat this condition? Is there a stronger medication that should be used?