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Thanks....and another question

Posted by Dona on 3/24/01 at 14:44 (042340)

The ice and the ankle support have actually given some much-needed relief...thanks to those who suggested it. The first night, I wore the ankle support all day and night and could actually hobble pretty well in the morning. The next day, I took it off before I went to bed, as my foot started feeling like it had a little swelling for some reason--although it didn't look any different. In the morning, it was as bad or worse trying to walk than it had been previously. I also notice seemingly-new pain when I sit cross-legged on the floor and put any pressure at all on the sides of my heel (cushioned under one leg). I try not to sit cross-legged very often, but I work in a preschool and needs sometime dictate that position. It seems the ankle support is working some, but I guess I'm wondering if I'm making things worse. Any thoughts?