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Update-- Had surgery 2/21

Posted by Crystal on 3/26/01 at hrmin (042488)

Hi Everybody--
Sorry that it has been a while since I have posted an update. (I had the Pf release on the 21st of February.) I am recovering very nicely I had my stitches taken out on March 14th. It was a little unfortable and it hurt to walk on for the few days after but I think it was more discomfort than anything. But I am doing alot better now. I occasionally take out those crutches at night because my foot gets so worn out. Bu tI usually only use them for an hour or two before bed. But I am still pleased with my results. And everyday gets better. I go back next Friday for another check up. So I will let everyone know how that goes. And I also wanted to say that I do read all the messages that are posted still and that helps me to know what is going on and what I may need to be aware of in the future for my recovery. So thank you to everyone that does post that really helps everyone.