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another professional athlete with pf

Posted by hankc on 3/26/01 at 08:28 (042496)

Looks like Matt Williams, starting 3rd baseman for Arizona, is still struggling with PF. Here's an
excerpt from USA Today baseball section (team notes):

Arizona: 3B Matt Williams suffered a recurrence of the plantar fasciaitis in
his left foot that plagued him the second half of last season. Williams took a
cortisone shot Thursday and thinks he must have surgery after the season. ...

Meanwhile HANKC, starting pitcher for C league slowpitch softball team and sprint distance triathlete, is
fairing a little better. I've been able to resume running (albeit slow and short) and should be able to
compete this year. I've had PF for almost 3 years now. It became much better in the spring of last
year however I reaggravated it last summer by playing tennis. Couldn't do anything in the fall.
One thing that has helped me immensely is wearing stiffer soled shoes (e.g. Rockports) along with custom
inserts. If I wear tennis shoes during the day I'll be sure to have a flareup. I only wear tennis shoes for
running and do all of that on a soft surface (packed sand) level track.
best wishes, Hank