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Funny Kid story of the day...

Posted by wendyn on 3/27/01 at 20:15 (042720)

I think that will be the last time my teenage son leaves his ICQ open and then goes out....for your entertainment...I offer you the transcript from his this online conversation just moments ago

Dave: fine, dont be my friend anymore

Dave: loser, head

Dave: bum head

Me: This Is Eric's mom - go away.

Dave: this is erics mom?

Me: That is what I said - Eric is at work till 9:00. Eric left his ICQ open....I figured that 'bum head' was probably for him and not for me.

Dave: haha. ok sorry..

Me: No problem. Just thought that I would embarass you on purpose.

Dave: hah...fair enough

Me: I suppose I could have embarassed Eric though, and pretended that I was him and told you that I'm secretly in love with my gym teacher - I kind of think that Eric would be annoyed with me though. Anyway - back to what I was doing....

Dave: haha
your son bothers me in science class...i cant do my work

Me: Sorry. He bothers me too. I can't do my housework. But you know - that's how it goes.

Dave: haha..too funny

Me: It's been fun Dave - but I have to get back to work. Now you are bothering me. Have a nice evening.

Dave: Fun indeed. DIdn't mean to bother...
bye bye