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For TXBarb

Posted by Beverly on 3/28/01 at 14:37 (042819)


Thank you so much for taking the time to describe your current state and your experience with EWST.

No wonder you are angry. I'm angry and not in nearly as bad a shape as you are. Did your docs explore nerve entrapment/TTS (test for it)? That numbness and electric feeling you are describing would make me want to get checked out for nerve entrapment.

Like you, I often wonder why I'm not getting over this considering how much rest I'm getting. I feel like I'm resting my life away. I wish I were an artistic person. I'd take up drawing or painting. As it is, your toddler probably paints better than I do!

One day when I was really bored, I thought about taking up needle point, but then I remembered how much I hated homemaking in Jr. High and completely flunked sewing. It just doesn't grab me.

So, thankfully, I do love reading. I knock off several books a week. I've especially become fond of trashy suspense (James Patterson/Ken Follet). It takes my mind off everything for awhile.

I'm trying to get past the angry stage. I'm sitting on a fence in that regard.

I have an appointment with a sports med/foot and ankle guru in late April. I had an earlier appt. with another sports med doc, but then I found out he was only a family practice doctor who'd gone into sports medicine. I couldn't see the point in going to him. So, I'm waiting to see the specialist.

At this point, my delimma is how to deal with my ankle (PTT). I don't know whether to try to get over that first before EWST or just do the EWST and hope that healing my feet will help the overall picture.

I've not been a good girl in terms of casts. I tried one for a week and it was so miserable I took it off. (walking boot that made my foot go numb, tingle, feel warm, and put terrible strain on my lower back). Of the docs I've seen only one seemed to think the cast was the way to go for me.

I hope you get a better day. Hey, if your toddler grows up to be a nun, encourage her to go to a cloistered convent and devote her ministry to praying for foot health everywhere!
Take care,