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Objective Results

Posted by Dr. Marlene Reid on 3/30/01 at hrmin (043108)

Hi all,
Just a quick note, today we had 4 ESW cases (the 5th case was cancelled because he was too hypertensive even after medication to bring it down - I am glad I had anesthesia personnel monitoring him!!).

Anyway, we started using a survery, part was based on a visual analoge scale and part was in the form of 'hardly, seldome, always, etc.' The questions were about pain in the am, pain in the first part of the day, end of day, pain in other joints due to walking differently, pain limiting work/activities, etc.

We are only using this survery for all of our ESW patients, pretx, 4 weeks post tx, 10 weeks tx, etc. We are not using it on other heel pain patients because we want it to only reflect ESW treatment and not other treatments. (85 - 90 % of our heel pain patients still do great from conservative tx other than sx or ESW). So, this will be a very objective study on pain, which is so subjective to begin with!!

I will have to check out the study Scott has set up here, I haven't seen it in awhile.

I'll keep you all posted.

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