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Posted by Carol on 4/04/01 at 02:15 (043533)

Dennis - I am so sorry to hear you are still in such a lot of pain. Has it not been suggested you have PT. I started last week and its pretty painful but I do feel its helping although I still have a lot of nerve pain like a hedgehog under my foot. My ankle is easing up and today I am going to drive for the first time - If you don't hear from me agai you will know whats happened!!! The PT is for stopping an scar tissue forming and for getting the swelling down. She pushes and pummels the scar and uses ultasound machine and another thing with pads that prickle. She is convinced I will be OK but it will take a few months to be normal.Rest is also absolutely imperative with ones foot up above ones hip. It really is a misery but there must be lots of successful cases out there - they just don't look on this site and don't bother to let us know they are OK. I wish they would. Oh yes the other thing I have been told to do is put my scar side of the foot against the water inlet jet of the pool where there is pressure. Also to break down any scar tissue that is compressing the nerve again. Easier said than done in Nebraska as I am sure its still cold there!!! In Johannesburg we are still getting temperatures of 26 + so its a pleasure to be in the pool. Go well and don't get too depressed everyone. Thank you for your suggestion about shoe size. I actually eventually rang the German Club here and spoke to someone there and I am a size 40!!! Patti also told me that so I have ordered some. They are so expensive with our exchange rate but I feel I must try them. I have a cupboard full of orthotics, shoes, splints,magnets,moon boots etc. Would anyone like some!!!! Go well Carol