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How much of the market is left. This is a continuation from the Pauline's posting

Posted by Dr. Zuckerman on 4/04/01 at 19:36 (043632)


This is such an important question that I have decided to move this thread to the ESWT board. One of the problems that I am having is the lack of acess to ESWT treatment machines due to the high cost. This isn't VCR's or computers this is about pain and your healthcare coverage. So first I would like to know if you feel that you have the ability to control the ESWT market as patients. Do you feel that you should have an important say in how the market should or shouldn't be controlled.

Does anyone have any ideas of how you the patients as a plantar fascia group could or would want to change the market so that ESWT would be availabe to the public at a much lower cost. So speak up and let's see if we have a method to have our voices listened to. Any suggestion or comment would be helpfu.

I am going to tell you my motive before it is asked. Complete open market for ESWT in the USA now. ESWT at a lower price then now.