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fractured base of little toe and PF

Posted by colleen on 4/16/01 at 16:55 (044752)

just wsa told i hvae a fractured little toe base some type of bad one. ive had pf forsome time and really not treated it very aggressivly. she put me in a plaster leg cast to my knee and crutches. she feels the pf may also benefit. any how im in pain and just wondering about wearing the cast i hate it so much and she insist that i will be in it at least 8 weeks, i guess after a couple weeks she will put a light version of it on me in fiber cast which is avaiable in colors !! should my toes be covered up since its broken or should they hang out etc.. how do i live in this thing for so long, she also said if it does not union i will have a pin put in it then another few weeks (6) of casts!!