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10 weeks as well

Posted by Carol on 4/22/01 at 14:10 (045364)

M ike - we have compared our ops before as we are about a week apart for surgery. I think you had yours just before me in February. I am just the same as you and have been assured its quite normal - yes I get a lot of nerve sensation when I press the scar and when I wake up in the morning my foot feels like a hedgehog!! You really must rest more - I find I can do very little without getting very sore again. Am having heavy PT on the scar and the swelling with ultrasound etc. Also am wearing an elastic stocking the whole time except in bed. My Doc seems happy so far and the main thing he says is to stop any scar tissue so massage that scar all the time and keep down the swelling. Hope this helps and rest asssured we seem much the same with our recovery. Carol