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Saw Dr.Z today.....June 15th I'll be there!

Posted by Sherrie M. on 4/30/01 at 17:38 (046261)

Hi everyone, I saw the wonderful Dr.Z today to have my 3rd treatment, I'm progressing quit well. I have never been so excited over any doctor's appointments in the past,but going to see the Wizard-well for any of you out there that are his patients you all know- he just isn't your normal doc and I mean that it only a good way. He puts you a ease and you really feel like there is no one else out there that understands your problems like he does. I also enjoy the company of his assistants- both Roxanne and Mary have been so great! As I am having the treatment they both talked to me and before I knew it I was done.So while I was there I asked about June 15th,I was wondering who all was going to be there, Dr.Z told me to come join the party, so I am! I can't wait to meet everyone. I only live about an hour and 15 minutes from Woodbury so I thought- why not join the fun.Talk to you all soon. Sherrie