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Pain in my heel

Posted by Judith H. on 5/01/01 at hrmin (046364)

I have been seeing a podiatrist for the last 3 months. I have had this pain in both of my heels in the last 2 years, the left heel has significantly gotten worse. The doctor has done several different treatments, such as taped my heels, iced my feet, injections, physical therapy, and now she has casted my left foot with a soft cast for two weeks. My left foot is getting worse and I don't know what else she can do. I still go to physical therapy for my right foot. The pain in the right foot is not as bad. As far as taken medicine, I have taken motrin 1600 mgs., Advil 1600 mgs., celebrax 200 mgs. the mgs. are per a day. I have also taken tyenol w/codine & vicodine. What suggestion do you have for the next step?