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arch lump

Posted by Dwayne Coleman on 5/01/01 at hrmin (046375)

About 1 month ago I bought a new pair of hiking boots. I wore them around campus for about a week and a half plus went on a 5 mile hike with a 30 lb pack. There was a constant uncomfortable feeling in the arch of my left foot. Not really being painful, I thought it would go away once the shoe broke in. I then realized that the shoe was most likely too narrow for my foot and relpaced them with another pair. About a week and a half ago I realized that there was a lump in the arch on the inside of my left foot. About 3 inches from the back of my heel, almost on the side of my foot. It was in the same place where the too narrow arch support on the new shoe was. I am planning on a month long backpacking trip beginning in June and I am worried b/c this lump is not going away. It never really hurts, but when I started to break in my new replacement boots, it began to aggrevate the lump again. So, I am wanting to know what is the best way to heal my foot, b/c I can't start an extended backpacking trip with a foot problem. I would greatly appreciate any helpful advice. Thank you.