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TTS orthotics

Posted by eileenc on 5/08/01 at 14:26 (047061)

Dr. Zuckerman suggested I ask you about orthotics. I had an unsuccessful Tarsal Tunnel release 3 1/2 yrs.ago---a 1 inch incision which was about 1 inch underneath my ankle bone.The pain and swelling has moved down into the back half of my arch (I do have an arch) including the side and some of the underside of the heel. A few weeks before the operation I had been to Cleveland Clinic where they made a pair of orthotics after diagnosing PF (I was told that this DR--head of the orthopedic foot/ankle-- did not believe in TTS). They are very good orthotics but they cut into my arch causing unbearable pain. I did go back for refitting twice but they were never wearable for any length of time. At the moment I wear a low cut very soft tennis shoe with a couple of over the counter inserts. Normal tennis shoes rub against the incision. What might you suggest?
Thank you for taking the time to help people on thes board. I wish there had been something like it when I first sprained this ankle in 1996.