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Posted by CAROL on 5/20/01 at 05:05 (048331)

Bill - so glad you have found us. I have found this website to be my saving grace and everyone is so helpful - ones feels one is not alone and suggestions have been so helpful. I didn't even have any nerve tests as the Doc said I had classical TTS symptoms that sound like yours. Do follow up with a Specialist who knows about TTS not all of them do. Try to find a person particularly knowledgeable in feet as that is a whole subject on its own. If any of us can help by just encouraging you let us know. I am 3 months post op. its been a rough ride and terribly painful but I feel I have improved so much - the aftercare is the most important thing I feel. Exercise, not allowing scar tissue to form etc. I am still in a bit of pain but it is so much better and I hope by the time the year is out I will hardly feel it. Go well Carol