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What about rehab?

Posted by linda h on 5/20/01 at 17:19 (048406)

Haven't posted anything for a while. Still doing well. Went to ER one night last week. Thought I had a blood clot in leg but ended up being old blood. My boot had cut curculation off at a bad vein and blood built up. They drained the blood and gave me anitbiotics. Just a heads up to watch for blood clots in your leg. Still non weight bearing. It's been 4 and 1/2 weeks now. Last Dr. visit he put me in a cast because the boot wasn't holding my foot at 90 degree angle very well. Anyway, I get this off in about 9 days. Any ideas on how long before I'll be walking on my own. Dr. says I'll have to still wear the boot and only take it off a few hours at a time, gradually increasing my time without it. My Dr. is very conservative about walking and weightbearing, but I think it's going to pay off. It sounds like most of you who have been weight bearing after just a few weeks have had some problems. Hope once I start weight bearing I won't run into the stuff you guys have had to deal with. I'd appreciate some feedback on rehab time?? Has anyone else out there been non weight bearing for 6 weeks? linda h