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TTS post op any Doc

Posted by Carol on 5/24/01 at 02:31 (048737)

Claudia - yes I did have terrible pain under the arch - still have but it is bearable and only sore when I actually prod it. I gather it is not the actual tendon but the nerve that runs to the first three toes from the sight of the scar. Swelling must be got rid of and the more you break down the scar the less scar tissue you have to compress the nerve. I wonder if Doc Zuckerman can confirm this. I know how depressing it is, but hang in there - it really will get better with proper post op treatment. I can only wear sandals that are shaped and then they have to be really soft. Can't wear closed shoes yet. I will be away for six weeks and I hope when I get back to hear you are doing fine. My op was Feb 13th so you are early days yet!! Carol