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I'm Here Live With Dr. Z for ESWT!

Posted by B Floyd on 5/25/01 at 15:49 (048894)

I made the decision! I'm literally here side by side in Dr. Zuckerman's office and we just completed my ESWT treatment. The good Doctor assures me I'll be running Marathons in no time! All kidding aside, I am here with Dr. Z and I just had 3000 beams of light shot into my foot. I will keep everyone posted on my progress. We even took pictures so I'll sent them to get posted.

Well I better leave his office because he is over my shoulder and I think I'm the last patient between his 3 day weekend!

Dr. Z knows his stuff and I have every confidence I'm in good care. Now for the 2 hr drive home. Better than having to take a flight. By the way - the Orbisone does not hurt one bit.