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Hypersensitivity,Nerve Pain, and PF - Which Treatment?

Posted by Bob_F on 5/27/01 at 17:53 (049073)

I have had severe foot pain since having Planar Faciitis that started back in October of 1996. It has severely limited my mobility: I use braces and
a sometime a wheelchair when I go out of the house (depending on the distance that I have to travel or standing involved). Now the pain seems to be related to the hypersensitivity of the skin. It usually starts in the front of the foot and can move to the heel or the outer edge. I cannot stand on a hard surface barefoot for more than 30 seconds. Around the house I wear new balance running shoes with two layers of spenco soles and socks containing a layer of silicon gel.

I have seen numerous specialists ( 2 pods, 3 orthos, 2 neurogists, and 1
physiatrist). I am currently seeing a physiatrist who's treatment for the hypersensitivity consists of contrasts baths (hot and cold) and dragging the foot on a braided rug (or using scrub brush) and walking barefoot for
short distances on the rug. This is not producted much results yet. Also he has had me on Elavil and Noratryiline (but at limited dosage due to the bad side effects).
I have had an EMG and it was not abnormal. Also I have been wearing night splints for several years now.

I have had PF 5 times in my lifetime and it only this last two times that
this hypersensitivity in the front of the foot has occurred at the same
time that the PF occurred. What is the relation of this hypersensitivity
to the PF?

I am interested in hearing from Dr. Zuckerman if there is a treatment that would be more effective?? Also has anybody else had a problem similar to this and had a treatment that works?

Should I see another specialist? and if so, which speciality?

Thanks! any help will be appreciated