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Re: Pain & Pain Medicine

Posted by Denise D. on 6/07/01 at 02:53 (050128)

Hi All,
Like Laurie R. stated, I too don't like to take pain medicine. I would much rather take natural herbs, after all I believe thats why the good Lord put them here on this earth. The problem is finding the ones that really help our feet! And finding something that will relieve the pain.
So for now I guess I'll just BUM-FUMBLE my way through the pharmacy isles!
One of these days y'all......., one of these days............!!
I can't help but think about my dear sweet Mother who died several years ago, she suffered for years with Rhumatoid Arthritis (the crippling kind).
I was around her daily and saw what she went through, even with her condition and always in pain she continued to work. Even though she is no longer here, she gives me so much strength, I think about her and how she managed and I know that if she could do it and not complain so could I, or at least I'm trying.
Anyway, to all the others at this web-site who are suffering, your in my thoughts and prayers.
Denise D.