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the HD Show, part II

Posted by Two Neices One in absentia on 6/16/01 at 11:03 (050836)

Here we are back at the Wizard's castle for day two of The Big Zap Adventure.
No hangovers to report. Although TexBarb was putting away those pain killers quite nicely.....
There's no way we can express how gracious and giving the people in Dr. Z's office are. In fact, we've decided to move in.....
Nancy and Judy have just checked out and left TexBarb on her own at the Day's Inn. John h had to leave bright and early so we didn't get to see him this AM. TexBarb will be nursing a sore foot today so everybody send her good vibes! She won't be returning to Dallas until Monday so she'll need lots of vibes 'til then.
Day one, post-zap for Judy. Very little pain, it just sort of comes and goes. More from my front yard as recuperation proceeds.....
Mrs. Wizard is about the best Mrs. Wizard we could have hoped for. A beautiful woman and chock full of wonderful wit and warmness. Many thanks to her for lending us Dr. Z this weekend!
Uncle Steve.......not like any uncle WE ever had! Although I think Uncle Bob may have purchased a Big Mac or two over the years......but never for a dozen 'neices' at once! Mrs. Uncle Steve was every bit as warm and lovely as her hubby so a special thanks to her, too.