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Long lost foot pain guy success report

Posted by Gordon F on 6/29/01 at 11:47 (051863)

I haven't been back here in a long time. I had the heel pain, wrist pain, shoulder pain for several years. Couldn't walk at all for over a year etc.

Now, I 'm doing well, very well. I do Judo,hike, etc. ..... BUT I have to keep up my routine or I start to drift back.

What I do is:

1) Exercise at least once a day (for sure every morning). Very aerrobic Plus weights. Lots of leg kicks to get blood to the feet,

2) I don't eat anything with wheat in it.
3) No milk
4) No sweets period. No fruit juices, Very little fruit.
5) The stress of being ill or being in a tough situation is not allowable.
6) For fruit intake I eat mostly Granny smith apples because they help with the stomach.
7) Plenty of vegtebles (raw preferred)
8) Raw Almonds for snack time
9) Corn chips for snack
10)Lots of water
11) All the protein you want but stay away from greasy meats.
12) Don't sit around idle at all (I know this is tough)
13) I put raw garlic in capsules and take3 to 4 times a day.
14) I take 1000-2000 mg ester c and 400 IU e everday
15) Lots of foot massages with blunt objects.
16) I take 'Source Naturals' Bromelain two to thre times a day without any protein foods.

I believe this problem is some sort of auto-immune problem brought on by poor diet or lack of the ability to process foods correctly, mental stress(marital, job, or health related)or a intestinal parasite or yeast. It took me a long time to work out the details of what works for me. The history is is Scotts web page( or it was). The physical activity took years to get back to the point I'm at so take it slow with the loading of the feet but get the exercise howeve you can.

Good Luck

I won't be back for a long time.