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Achille's tendoin repair: post operation reabilitation

Posted by Massimo Barbieri on 6/30/01 at hrmin (051930)

I broke my A.T. on 14/06/01, I had the operation on 15/06/01, and I am supposed to wear 'pneumatic boot' for six weeks, each two weeks remove the first botton wedge (1of 3 inside the boot) .

I was told after to weeks remove stiches, remove the first wedge and 'START TO PUT WEIGHT ON FOOT'.

In other doctors opinion I was told 'to really take easy in putting weight, but after 15 days just start to remove the boot and carefully massage the foot, also leaving the foot in water, considering I am now at the sea side.
I am 35, in good shape and I would like to avoid any problem due to immobility of the intire foot, without jeopardising the healing tendoin.

Massimo Barbieri