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ESWT, PF, and Fibromyalgia

Posted by RalphP on 7/08/01 at 23:32 (052503)

Hi all. I've had PF for 2 years, and have found this web-site invaluable in coping with it, but have never posted before.

I've exhausted the usual conservative treatments, and am now considering ESWT. The complication in my case is that I've also had fibromgalgia for 18 years. I'm pretty sure the PF is related to my FM, though the exact nature of the relationship isn't entirely clear. One thing that's clear, though, is that the PF has greatly aggravated my FM by preventing me from exercising.

My question is this: does anyone here, notably the medical professionals but also perhaps the PF sufferers, have experience with ESWT as a treatment for PF, when FM is also present?

More specifically:

--If my PF is in fact related to my systemic fibromyalgia, how likely is it that it will still respond to a localized treatment such as ESWT? (Despite my FM, the PF does seem to exhibit the normal pattern of PF symptoms and behaviors.)

--The low frequency of complications among people here who have tried ESWT is encouraging, but I find myself wondering if my FM puts me at increased risk for complications. (FM is characterized by hypersensitivity to all kinds of stimuli, and alterations in the functioning of the nervous system that are not yet fully understood.)

--Given my concern about possible complications, I'm thinking it might be best to get ESWT on a relatively low-energy machine, with more repetitions. As far as I've been able to figure it out so far, that seems to suggest going to Canada, where the relatively low-energy Siemens Sonocur seems to be in widespread use. Does this make sense?

Any feedback would be appreciated.