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foot pain,torn PF, on left foot; but, cause of lupus, my r. foot feels like it's ready to pop.

Posted by Missha K. on 7/12/01 at hrmin (052903)

I am a 51 year old, white female, with SLE. 2 years ago I tore my PF on the left foot. My arch is dramatically flattened. My R. foot still has a high arch. I have gone through 3 pairs of orthotics, I only wear BROOKS running shoes?? Cause thats what Dr. Waldman and Dr. Michael Gillman said were the best support for this kind of problem. 8 months of physical therapy, 2mos. aquatics later: Pain is still there, the same. I DON'T have any kind of bone spur, the x-rays of my heels are smooth and perfect. My toes on both feet are already numb and tingly, in spots, on both feet. I am overweight, I weight about250. I did weigh 263 for 10 years. Doctors put me on xenical and phentermine,right after this happened. This is not a rapid weight loss. everybody agrees that a loss of pounds would help me out. My Lupus doctor pleaded with me NOT to have that stomachreduction operation. He is the head of pederatric dermatologyat UCLA. He says that Lupus patients don't do well with this operation.
But I want to walk. Right now I can only walk for about 40 min. before the pain takes me down. Thats with taking a 750 mg. lortab!! So I think how about just ripping my PF out on both feet? Will this take away my pain? Give me my ability to walk again? After walking, for a short time, my feet get hot and red. Also, I amgetting spider veins around both ankles. I never had any capillary breakdown before this. But now my ankles are all kinds of sticking out vein, colors.
Would surgery be the answer?