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Tracey G , I have a reply to your ?

Posted by Tammie on 7/24/01 at hrmin (054130)

Tracey, first i am sorry that you must make this decision as it is very difficult, I hope that you have done all of the conservative treatments first and are considering this lastly! If you havent yet take a look at the heelspur book above as there are some good ideas and good information! Second I am so very happy to hear that you are doing much research that is very good! Have you given any thought to the ESWT treatment? there is also information on this above!
Now, I can only give what has happened to me as my view on surgery, I had the pf release April 17, I also had a spur filed down, the incision was very small on the inside of my ankle there also was a small one on my heel underneath the foot. The surgery was easy, outpatient, woke up with bandaged up and a walking type boot cast/ Looks like a moon boot lol! And I used crutches for about a week or 2. Stitches were out in about 10 days, pain was there but if you get a good dr. who will give you medication to get you thru the tough times please dont not take it as it sure is hard for body to catch up to the pain! I know this now lol! Ok my dr. wanted me to walk on it , with like 10% first day moving up to tolerable , if pain he said to rest and elevate and listen to body, Elevation and rest and iccing were the things they seemed to stress the most! They told me I would be in running shoes in 10 days add aweek or so to that heheh but ( everyone does heal at own rate) Then they told me to figure about 8 to 10 weeks off work, I have a job which requires allot of foot work , well it has been about 14 weeks and I still am off work , now I cant say that all people have this as you will see some are off for less time but be prepared if you are not in that frame it could take much longer, I have since learned that it can take up to 6 mnths to a year to be fully healed, and there are some people who never get better. I am not a dr. and I am sure one will answer you with advice to and there are so many people here who will have lots of advice for you, this gets overwelming I am afraid, I cant tell you what to do and would never do that anyways but please keep up your research and ask many many questions as surgery is permenant there is no going back! Many have very good results but some do not and it should be looked at with allot of knowledge under your wing!!!! Good luck with your decision I understand the worries, if I can help in any other way, as support or just a friend please click on my name in blue and my email will be there, or post ???? here on the board as there are really helpful people here who really care!!!!! Good luck to u I will keep u in my prayers!!!!