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5 weeks post ossatron treatment both feet

Posted by Tracey on 7/29/01 at 22:36 (054743)

I am trying to journal how I have felt post ossatron so others of you might have an idea of what to expect. Although no two people are alike, the support in having the knowledge of someone elses experience helps. I have P.F. in both feet. Left foot was worse than right, then due to alter the gait to avoid pain in left foot , right was worse than left. Stiff calf muscles and some R. achilles tendinitis (mild).
My left foot where I received only one area of treatment is doing very well. No pain throughout the day. R. foot treated to two areas, is still somewhat painful but definately improved. The achilles tendinitis in this foot may contribute to the pain. I am stretching my calves daily, flexing my toes back and forth before rising, and always wearing my orthotics and support tennis shoes. I watch everything I do to make sure I am protecting my recovery (even the way I sit at the computer and get out of the pool) I still have morning 'stiffness', I wouldn't say pain...but I need to evaluate that further. Insurance covered. Hope this helps someone.