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4 week Post Op visit today

Posted by Lori I on 8/01/01 at 20:30 (055152)

Had my 4 week visit today. Doctor told me to start taking the boot off and walking with my tennis shoes for as long as my foot will let me. Then put the boot back on if it starts to be too painful. Well I took his advice and walked with my shoe for a bit. Seemed to feel better then the boot to begin with...then started hurting after about an hour or so. Dr did tell me I needed to start PT 3x's a week next week. Something about why the heel is still bothering me is why i gotta go to PT. Kinda hope that works out the pain. He said I may be able to go back to work in Sept sometime. He said with the severity of the case that I had that I'm gonna take longer to heal then most... lol He also put me on Celebrex....Ibuprophen was tearing up my stomach. Just thought I'd give ya's an update!!