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ESWT article in the latest issue of Runner's World

Posted by elliott on 8/03/01 at 08:23 (055312)

I posted a duplicate of this post on the ESWT forum; not sure how many visit there regularly so I thought I'd repeat it here (is that OK or are we not supposed to do that?)

Just thought I'd mention that an article on ESWT appears in the latest (September) issue of Runner's World, page 21. It's not that long an article (remember, it's Runner's World) and the acronym was mistakenly inverted as EWS (remember, it's Runner's World). It also said 'extracorporal' instead of 'extracorporeal'. Are these interchangeable or can we throw in a third 'remember, it's Runner's World'? The article has short paragraphs each to answer how it works, whom it's for, success rate and cost. There's a link given to healthtronics.com. One Jeffrey Ross, D.P.M. from Baylor College in Houston, is quoted for the whom-it's-for paragraph. Is that the same Jeff who posts on this site?