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Started PT....moving around better

Posted by Lori I. on 8/11/01 at 13:42 (056333)

Well Dr had me start PT last tuesday. I went 3 times last week, and am going to go 3 times again this week. The massage that they did felt great for the most part...a few times it hurt...but I wimpered my way through it. Started me on some exercises with my ankle..but the pain is mostly still in my heel. Is that normal? Even if I stand in one place for like 5 min to do the dishes it drives me nuts. Does that eventually go away?? I am walking better slowly, still have a limp. My foot lets me know when I've done too much and I know I have to sit down. Well I guess I'll see if the PT really is working...leaving for Myrtle beach the 18th!! Maybe the sand will help a lil!! Thanks again all for listening and the advice!!