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What Luck!

Posted by M. Wilson on 8/13/01 at 16:43 (056613)

Went to the shoe store yesteday where I bought my birks to see if they carried the Footprints line so I could see what I could buy for winter. They only carry the sandal variety. As I was about to leave, I noticed under their birk display one box, in my size, and the picture on the box was a shoe they did not have on display. A 3-strap slip on sandal. Last one. I told them that if it's the last one, it should be on clearance. They said no because they were thinking of carrying it again. I opened the box & saw that one of the sandals had faded slightly from being on display, so one was blue & one was blue-grey. I told them they couldn't sell them full price as they were 2 different colors. They offered them to me half-off so now I have a pair of slipons that I can wear around the house as slippers! My one pair that I've worn since June 30th have straps, which are sort of awkward for the 2am bathroom run....I left the one shoe in the window today so the sun will fade it out a bit, but it's really hardly noticeable...