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Runner considering surgery

Posted by Scott K on 8/14/01 at 14:30 (056732)

I have had PF in my right heel for about 5 years, which seemed to be caused by running too much. Over the past few years, I have curtailed my running a lot and have tried to heal the problem through splints, orthodics, stretching, cortisone, rest, etc.
Based on this, I now generally walk pain free, but I have nagging pain when I run (not serious but annoying). Running is important to me and I would love to be able to run more than 20 minutes without pain.
I am considering having surgery with the hopes that it fixes the problem, but a lot of the messages here seem to show a lot of very serious risk/harm through surgery.
Given my somewhat 'minor' condition compared to many, is surgery something I should it consider? Do I have a realistic hope of being totally pain-free or am I risking my ability to walk/stand by doing this.
Thanks to all in advance