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Jade Balm

Posted by Cwj on 8/15/01 at 13:08 (056797)

Although I have been a part of Dr. Reynolds Jade Balm trial I haven't posted here until now. I have suffered with PF for a pretty good while now and I'm since using the Jade I've slowly been feeling better. Recently I got a surprise using the Jade that I thought I would share with you...
I'm a land surveyor so walking is a part of my job. Needless to say having PF makes some days unbearable. A couple of days ago I spend they day surveying some swamp land. The ground was soft and very uneven. That type of walking always causes me foot/arch pain. By the time I got home that evening I had a very sharp shooting pain in the arch of my left foot unlike anything I had felt before. Instead of applying the Jade before I went to bed as I usually do I went ahead and applied it on the spot on my arch that was hurting the most. Within less than five minutes the pain was completely gone.