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Thanks for this site!

Posted by Suzanne S. on 8/18/01 at 20:09 (057122)

I was diagnosed with PF in early June and received very little information on the condition; I had no idea what I was in for! Two weeks ago, desperate for information and help, I found this website and have learned so much! I want to thank everyone for the articles, messages, etc. I had not heard of Birkenstock shoes, but after reading so much about them in the messages, I went on a search for a store where I could try them on. I found one a little over an hour away and am so happy with the results! I am used to my sandals now and they offer great relief. I am also seeing a podiatrist and stretching, icing, etc. I am thankful for the improvement I have experienced and now have some hope for the future. My best to each of you...