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Tony o

Posted by tammie on 8/20/01 at 12:50 (057274)

Hello, I see all our good friends have been busy giving you allot ot think about, I hope that you have given everything some thought. Tony thease people here are good people they really are, smart to with alot of helpful information if you are willing to listen. I thought maybe u might feel a bit overwelmed and when u are in pain it makes it much harder to think of anything else let alone doing something that you feel is against your priciples. I hope that you have not gone off and given up on help, because from what you said you really need it now . You have been given some tools to work with I only hope that u listen and try! Please dont give up and let us know how things are going, or if u need just a friend we are always around. I hope that thru the pain and hurt you may feel a lifting of spirit and heart as you have taken the first step, now are u taking the next? I thought about you all weekend and actually that gave me the strenghth to get thru my own troubles more determined then ever to beat this and not let it take the fight out of me yet, I thank u for this,I hope that you find answers and that u dont hide from them when u do! Good luck to u and hope to see you posting soon with news! A concerned friend!