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Heel spurs

Posted by ysherella on 8/22/01 at 04:12 (057509)

I came acrossed this site by accident, but glad to find there are others that can relate. I have had heel spurs for along time, thought I would pass along a few of the things that helped me in hopes that they might help someone else. I had several shots of cortisone when I first found out about the heel spurs it didn't help for long, so I alternated shoes and found that a 2' med firm sole (rubber) helped most. that worked for a long time, but I took a spill and after that I never stopped having foot pain, I tried everything, it was awful. It wasn't until last year that I happened on a remedy that seems to keep the wolf at bay.
I discovered that exercise was counter productive, instead of helping
it made things worse, so whenever I would have less pain, I would gradually start stretching, that helped, then I started using a hand held ball with a smaller ball at the end, I layed on my side with one leg drawn up and the other hanging off the bed, then slowly I used the ball to locate any pressure points, from my spine wrapping around to the front of my hip and down the outside of my leg to the knee, actually I went over the whole top part of my leg, taking the ball and gently pushing down until I would find a spot that really hurt then I'd hold the ball there gently increasing the pressure until you could feel the pain subsiding. It only takes a min or so. After I did that side I would do the other, when I had done both sides I would stand up bend over and gently go down the back front and sides of both legs, after I finished I'd sit on the bed take a large pencil with a good size eraser and go around each ankle probing softly and around the front of the foot above where the foot bends and even on the sole of the foot, I DID NOT go near the back heel sole or where your shoe fits acrossed back of foot. The next day everything will feel somewhat tight but after that it feels much better, I did this every other day. The more I did this the more I realized that what seems to be affected most is the tendons that run down the out side of the leg and on the inside, also the one that runs down the back of your leg. This is not a cure but it does relieve the pain in my feet and it gives me the ability to move, and walk better. If this helps in anyway please let me know.