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Swelling of toes/ hammertoe surgery / tennis shoe

Posted by Erica Ingram on 8/23/01 at 16:10 (057707)

Is it normal to have to wrap your toes after 5 weeks post op hammertoe surgery, involving 4 toes. I had a follow up appt on Tuesday and my Dr removed the bandages from my toes and told me I could start wearing a loose fitting tennis shoe, but to start off with 2hrs a day & then 3 hrs and gradually work my way up, & other times to wear the orthopedic shoe.
I have another appt next week, and he said I may have to wrap my toes for a few months and he would show me how too. But he didn't mention when I could possibly start wearing a sandal, assuming its still warm.

Also, I had to go buy a loose fitting {men's)tennis shoe, and I tried on different pairs, but it seemed the only shoe that didn't bother me was the Reebok shoe with the DMX cushion. When I tried on other brands {and I got the shoe 1 size bigger }, when I walked it was very uncomfortable. The shoe itself was big enough, but when I tried to walk I felt pain. What would be the reason for that?