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my heel...what else?

Posted by Claudia on 8/24/01 at 20:48 (057883)

hello again. 'tis I, of the bunionectomy/EPF in January and the continuing pain; I have finally met with my new Internist and she has referred me to an Orthopedic doc who specializes in FEET. My heel continues to be a source of bad pain and today I resorted to using Vicodin again....I couldn't get an appt. with the ortho. doc until september 24th. I don't care if Vicodin DOES just numb the brain and not the pain, I can't take it anymore. I have also been officially diagnosed with fibromyalgia by my new Internist. So....in a way I am starting all over again but I am glad to at least be on a path that seems to promise that I will find a way out of this heel pain that has only gotten worse since the surgery. I really do believe this pain is totally separate from either of the procedures I had done in January; and I think the problem existed before the surgery. I just can't wait to get my life back, to be able to take a walk again, to stop waking up depressed because I know there will be pain within an hour of walking. I keep up with the postings and I send all good wishes for relief to everyone who suffers with pain in the part of our physical being that we depend on for so much. May everyones feet be happy!