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Wendyn and Nancyn

Posted by Tammie on 8/30/01 at 09:40 (058442)

First I wish to say how very sorry I am that you lost such loved grandparent it is so very hard sometimes! I am very glad that they had such a good life together as I am sure the love that they felt will be remembered and felt for such the hard days a head! But it is a great pleasure I am sure to you that his life will be remembered and that the love will never be forgotten and you will carry it each day with you in a corner of your heart! As I am sure he will watch over you all .I am so sorry for you saddness may you feel the love that surrounds you to help ! I will pray for you and your familiy to find peace in the love that you shared! Hope you soon will get some rest!

Nancy N, I am so excited for you and I am sure you will do marvoulous!You will have so much to share with the kids it will be great! They to will have allot to share with you as thease kids seem to be so upfront anymore it is sometimes scary but in other times it is so refreshing! I hope that you relax and find some joy with your new endevors!!! I just know you will be wonderful in whatever u choose to do! Take care and I will be thinking of you.

Now I must go as it is time but wanted to let you know that you both and all the rest will be in my thoughts and prayers! Hugs to all!