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Cortisone Injection Today...is this normal

Posted by Carol C on 9/05/01 at 21:14 (059174)

Ok---so I had the Cortisone injection into the Tarsal Tunnel today....and it was not at all as bad as what I had expected. The 'tingling' radiating into the big toe during the injection was actually the worst part of the injection. Now....eleven hours later, I am having some tenderness
and some increase in overall discomfort, but I expected that.
This is what I have experienced today....Maybe someone can help me out and tell me if this is normal and what it indicates.......
Immediately after the injection, there was a sense of warmth in the entire
foot...within minutes, I felt a sense of some relief to the overall discomfort in the foot---about two hours after the injection, I began to
regain some of the sensation in the second and third toes that have had
considerable numbness for almost three months. Approximately four hours after the injection, I began to slowly regain some sensation in the big toe that has also had considerable numbness for almost three months.
There also seems to be a little less numbness in the ball of the foot.
The arch area of the foot is still tender to touch and the ankle is tender
to touch, which I would expect would be partially due to the injection
site. I do still have some numbness in the big toe and the second and third toes on the affected foot as well as in the ball of that foot, but
it does seem to be probably 50% less than it was prior to the injection.
To those familiar with TTS???? What does this indicate? How long can
I expect the results of this injection to last, and can I expect the results to continue to improve as the cortisone has a chance to heal the
tissues more over the next few days?
I would not be nearly so afraid to have another of the injections, although I would not want to have them done on a frequent basis. Don't be
misled...it was a little uncomfortable,but I had it done at 8:30am, went to work as soon as it was over, worked all day, (desk job) went grocery shopping after work, came home and cooked lasagna, and here I am. I may
pay the price overnight....but like I said...right now, it is a little sore
and tender, but certianly nothing that I can not tolerate. And so far....
not even a need for Tylenol!
Thanks for the support and feedback everyone.