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Pain on lateral aspect of left heel.

Posted by JeanB on 9/10/01 at 18:34 (059774)

I was diagnosed with PF 1.5 years ago. My original complaint was pain in my left heel (not arch pain) and bunion pain in right toe. Doc made orthotics which helped bunion pain and exacerbated the heel pain to the point where, after three cortisone injections,multiple adjustments to orthotics, I was nearly crippled with pain--developed sciatica and severs muscle tenderness on left leg. Changed docs, had more orthotics made which didn't work either. What did work was a dedicated physical therapist who 'unglued' the muscles in my legs and gluts--cured my sciatica and most leg pain. His efforts, coupled with Vioxx and hydrotherapy, have taken me back to the point where I can walk a block or two. But I still have a nagging, pulling pain on the outside of my foot, below the ankle that extends into the lateral aspect of the left heel. Any idea what might be causing this pain? It is rather sharp when I stretch and quite pronounced if I am barefoot.