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Posted by MARY S. on 9/12/01 at 20:00 (060040)

First, I want to say that I am praying for all of my message board friends--I know we have some in New York. I pray that everyone is safe and that all of your families and friends were not involved in this tragedy. If anyone has lost someone, my heart grieves with you and for you. Because of God's promises, we know that no situation is hopeless, as hopeless as it may seem to those who are suffering the greatest losses. Faith in the promise of life everlasting can shed light on this dark time.
My husband, Fred, and I want to thank everyone on the board for your prayers and concern during Fred's recent illness and surgery. How small and insignificant our problems are and how blessed we are. Yesterday's tragedy gives a whole new meaning to the word 'problem' and certainly takes the focus off of 'self'.
I know that we are joining you in praying for our leaders and our country--that those responsible will be quickly found and held accountable and that no more innocent people will die.
You are an amazing group of great people!! Finding you on this board in the first place was a blessing to me. Thank you again for remembering me and Fred.
I will be checking back in as time allows. I'm back at school and caring for hubby when I get home, but I long for the days that I could really spend time with you on the board.
Take care, my friends. You are in my prayers---Mary S.