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Posted by Wendy in NJ on 9/14/01 at 05:55 (060273)

I'm on my 4th day of disbelief. Like everyone else my heart is so heavy. My husband is in Saudi Arabia and doesn't know when he is coming home now. (he is Air force) At least my husband is alive. At least he can still email me an I love you every day. And my feet...all the sudden they don't hurt like they used to. Yes, they hurt but I am putting my focus on other things because at least we are alive to say our feet hurt. When I go to pray, I don't even know what to say because it is so overwhelming. I live on an air force base where men with machine guns are guarding our homes and places of work. (thank the Lord) My poor boys don't understand what has happened to their world and how do I explain it to them when I don't understand it either. In spite of painful feet, I am so grateful to be alive and not on television with a photo of my lost husband. Keep those American chins up!