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Just got 'viscopeds'

Posted by Kelly C on 9/14/01 at 09:31 (060294)


I've had PF for several months now, and it isn't responding as well as previous cases to the typical ice/stretching regimen.

I've found that it is critically important, this time around, to really protect my feet from hard shoes or hard floors. Probably because I'm getting older--39. Last time I had PF was when I was around 34.

Lately, what has helped the most is heat, stretching, then ice. And using the softest shoes I can find. My Tevas are great, especially when I wear soft Thorlo running socks with them. Probably a fashion faux pas, but what the hell.

A friend who has a lot of foot and back trouble recommended that I try a Viscoped shoe insert. I bought some from a web site (www.backbenimble.com, but if you look around the web you might find lower prices than the $68/pair that I paid), and got them today. An hour or two is hardly a fair trial, but these things are COMFY! The heel pain is drastically reduced immediately from using these things. As someone said in an earlier post, they are like walking on a half-inch of soft gel.

I hope this helps somebody else.