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Pray for the victims and families of the American Attack

Posted by CindyF on 9/15/01 at 00:00 (060418)

I know this isn't the forum for this....but when you are like me...and recovering from surgery...and nothing else to do but sit around and watch the TV...you feel you have to do something...so this is what I have chosen to do.
Ever since this Horrible Attack..I have been watching the TV day and night...
I feel so sad that in this day there are still people who could inflict such pain on another human.
I am fortunate to not know any of the victims...but I feel in my heart that they were someone I just haven't had the chance to meet yet.
I watch...praying for a miracle to find more survivors...cry when I hear the stories of the families.
I live in Texas....far from New York...but close enough to feel the pain of the families.
I would love to ask each and every one of you to stop and take a moment to say a prayer.
You hear on TV to start getting your life back to normal...but how can you when every time you look at the TV you see the horrible scene of the plane hitting the towers over and over again!!!
I personally feel that scene has been showed enough.
Our children have seen enough to last them a life time of misery.
I sometimes get depressed over my long recovery.....now..I stop and thank God that I at least have my family...my life...and one day soon..I will be walking again.
So please...pray for the families.
Thank You